Shri Hiralal Bapulal Kapadia

( 1893-1967 )

He was born on 14th July in Cambay. In early life he desired to become Jain Monk. Thus what was a loss to the religious order proved to be a blessing in disguise to the field of education. He opted as the helmsman of the ship of ‘Kapadia’ School and steered it clear of all the shoals and rocks that came in the way and achieved best academic excellence in the state. He was a brilliant teacher of English and Sanskrit (A rare combination). With devotion, dedication and pure intentions to impart knowledge, he established the first educational institution in ‘1926’, called ‘The New High School’.

Shri Ramanlal Hiralal Kapadia

( 1919-1984 )

Shri R. H. Kapadia, a legend in field of education our school’s name based on his name. All time great in the trend of education, was born on 25th February, 1919 in Vatra Village, Near Cambay. He was a legendary educationalist, the best teacher, the greatest sanchalak, and a terrific orator. His bravity in English is remembered by people of Ahmedabad as well as Gujarat till today. People &students even today proudly remember him for his strictness for discipline and administration. He was able to write with both the hands on blackboard. Under his watchful guidance “Kapadia” Schools
flourish and achieved the highest academic excellence. He was the youngest principal of all time.

If the R. H. Kapadia new high school enjoys prestige and glory as a premier institution, the credit goes to his forefounder Shri R. H. Kapadia. He was an administrator par excellence and he blossomed forth and shone in all his glory.

He did not seek the lime light of publicity but popularity came to him unsolicited. He was president and secretary of Ahmedabad secondary school and head masters’ association and also worked as executive committee member of Gujarat State federation of School Management.

Shri Rajnikant Ramanlal Kapadia

( 1940-2001 )

Shri R. R. Kapadia one of the forefounder of our school, Great son of a great father was born on 4th October, 1940 in Cambay. He was an obedient son, kind hearted brother, loving father, very good teacher and great administrator. He was master in subjects English (Prose) and English Grammar.

He worked as president of ‘Gujarat Acharya Sangh’ for three consecutive years. A person who lived very simple and peaceful life. Let us try to imitate ourselves very tiny in shadow of such legendary personality.

Under his watchful guidance all our schools have flourished.

If the R. H. Kapadia New High School enjoys glory and prestige as a premier institution, the credit goes to its chief mentor Shri R. R. Kapadia.