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We always believe that “A teacher is an architect of a child’s education.”

At The R.H.Kapadia New High School (RHKNHS) students have all the ingredients for success: unparalleled facilities for every sort of sporting, theatrical, cultural activity, vast playground and open space for recreation, qualified teachers who are highly experienced and trained in delivering the best education and an excellent social atmosphere where courtesy, kindness, industriousness and ambition are our hallmarks.

The key aspects of the character of our school can be summarized easily: we stand for academic excellence and education of the whole person beyond the curriculum, within a framework of ethical, disciplined, caring teaching that goes back thousands of years in India. The RHKNHSl is an outward looking, modern and ambitious school which also draws from age-old structures, disciplines and traditions because these have stood the test of time and have benefited generation after generation of the best students around the world.

We value decorum, courtesy, self-discipline and honesty because the world values these virtues as strengths that will help students rise above the pack and achieve respect in their chosen fields.