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School System

The curriculum at The R H Kapadia New High School is designed based on NCERT, such that our students become whole people and independent lifelong learners motivated to seek true knowledge which is experiential, transformational and useful.

IT Learning

At RHKNHS, we emphasize close integration of online and off-line learning. Computers augment off-line learning but are not substitutes. Students have instant access to information through a well-stocked library and digital hookups with Internet and online libraries. Opportunities for creative learning (beyond accessing information) are the touchstone of the School’s IT curriculum.


Knowledge gained in classrooms has to be augmented by practical experience in the community. In the words of Marilyn vos Savant, “To acquire knowledge, one must study, but to acquire wisdom, one must observe”. Leadership is developed by enabling students to discover their “other selves” and their complete range of multiple intelligences. Sports, community involvement, the fine arts, performing arts, aesthetics and robust outdoor activities lend themselves to the fostering of leadership qualities.

The education system, besides providing an all-round education intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically, also offers guidance in critical thinking, social openness and in purposeful research. Students are given opportunities to develop their own talents as well as to be aware of national and global issues, while contributing to the healthy development of the needs of their own school campus and community.

Homework is given to encourage and develop independent study skills and to complement particular fields of study. A homework timetable is issued to all students who are required to complete the work as assigned by subject teachers.

On entry into the School, each pupil is placed in a Class of not more than 35 under a class teacher who will be responsible for monitoring all aspects of progress and welfare. The class teacher is the first point of contact for parents on any issue concerning the child. The School will actively encourage strong links with parents to ensure that at all times they are kept fully informed of any concerns that they or the school may have.

Every fourth saturday regular Parent-Teacher meet takes place and these, along with quarterly reports and occasional interim reports, as well as reports in lesson diary will ensure that each pupil’s progress is closely monitored.